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Currently there are just two demo tapes available:

All puffing butterfly catching e.p.

first demo, recorded on four-track
not many copies left
3 each, including postage
Tim says: "Only drugstore and QH are up to much."

    Track Listing

  • drugstore
  • QH
  • Forever Always
  • Boos
  • In the dark of night
  • pixiesesque

Dual Sparrow

includes the classic "sometimes sinister orange"
3 each, including postage
Tim says: "again, only sometimes sinister orange,
it's bad to be blue and hoskin are up to much and even
then hoskin is recorded badly and is much better live."

    Track Listing

  • sometimes sinister orange
  • clarence's cola
  • charlie's in a bad way
  • la de ade
  • hoskin
  • It's bad to be blue