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Hurrah, finally back after a unforgivably long summer break. I hope you like the new look, I've got loads more pictures and other stuff too. For example check out the new competition bit where you can win some tip-top goodies, I'll try and make this a regular thing, but if you're a regular to this site you'll be well aware that I've said that sort of shit before. The biography section has been updated and now has a fantastic wee personal bit from each member of the band. Oh, and how could I forget, best of all is the shop bit (click on "merchandise" over on the left there); unfortunatly most of the stuff isn't available anymore such was the demand for the last bunch. More will be forthcoming, I hope.
pic of tim in HMV
If you have any photos, stories or anything else you think should be included here e-mail me, I would be more than grateful.
The band can be contacted here.
Don't forget to sign the guestbook, and the mailing list, you'll never what sort of cool-ass shit you might be missing unless you do.
love and kisses