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15th March '98
I haven't heard from any of them in ages
No news to report apart from to remind you that i am pretty cool.

8th March '98
Tim came home for a bit
Tim was back home for a bit, but he's gone again. He was spotted at Katy Daly's with a very drunk bloke and two lovely ladies.

4th March '98
Easter Gigs?
Word on the street is that Mad Lucas will be supporting Kismet when they reassemble for the Easter hols.

2nd March '98
Dinger in 'I think Spiritualized are shit' Shocker!!
It's true, I heard him.
He was sitting beside me and said, "Urgh, [your friend] likes Spiritualized!"
When I said, "What? Do you not like them?"
He replied, "No! I think they're totally shit"

Other members of the band were not available for comment.