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Reviews and Articles

Currently there have been only two noteworthy mentions of Mad Lucas in the press, both in Blank.

if you have any articles or reviews that you think I should know about please mail me.

Blank Magazine; Issue 1, Volume 1
Oct 1997, in the Demo review section

Mad Lucas - Dual Sparrow

Quite a stupid name for a band who have recorded what ranks as the best demo track I have ever heard... ever.
Sometimes Sinister Orange evokes The Velvets, Sebadoh, early Lemonheads and even Teenage Fanclub. It sounds like they are pissed off American teenagers, desperate to break out of Arsehole, Iowa. They come from Carrick.
The remaining five tracks do not really stand out but, hey, when you’re opener sounds like theirs does, who cares.
“Don’t be sinister girl/ You collected stones and dreamt they were pearls.” Tuneful, witty and damn entertaining.
Get your hands on a copy of this and marvel.

Blank Magazine; Issue 4, Volume 1
Feb 1998, Demos of the year

Good Thing #1:

Mad Lucas. Not a great compilation as some of the tracks bring to mind greasy hair, shit flats and unhealthy early nineties grunge obsessions.
But then there is Sometimes Sinister Orange. A magnificent lo-fi treat. Teenage Fanclub on downers. A winner.